Johnny Manziel Should Bring Dee Dee Bonner To The NFL Draft



Who would be the ultimate chick for Johnny Manziel to bring to the NFL draft? Dee Dee Bonner/McCarron. A BC reader pointed out that Dee Dee won’t be going to the draft with her son AJ so she should just be Johnny’s arm candy for his big day. Imagine the scene for a second.

Cameras snapping like crazy as Johnny walks into Radio City. All…of a…sudden…there is Dee Dee and the DDs blasting out of a red dress while Johnny is smiling from ear to ear. The ultimate troll move: bringing a fellow draft hopeful’s mom to the draft as your date.

You guys want drama from Manziel, that would be drama. Ratings gold. Shut Twitter down. It’s all over.

We already know these two looked damn good together back in December.

Johnny Ohio Should Bring __________To The NFL Draft

• Dee Dee Bonner

• AJ McCarron’s mom

• Perfect choice if Johnny decides he wants to play the troll card

• Early 40s

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