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Cougar Dee Dee Bonner Finally Hunts Down Manziel

Incoming – cougar on the prowl!

Hand on the butt?

At least Dee Dee Bonner is leaving the college football limelight as we suggested: balls to the walls.

Live it up.

There was AJ McCarron’s mom late last night finally meeting Johnny Manziel at what looks to be a Heisman hotel afterparty.

She reported:

With @JManziel2. So glad to finally meet him! Much love.

And that’s it.

Close it down. The end has come for the AJ McCarron-Webb-Dee Dee era. We’ll miss them, especially the Coug show. There will be no NYC for the NFL Draft. There will be little excitement for the Sugar Bowl. Katherine Webb will go off and do her modeling thing. McCarron will go on to be a nice NFL backup.


Picture 1

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