Adam Archuleta’s Wife, Jennifer Walcott, Is Still Posing In Bikinis



I check in from time to time with former NFL safety Adam Archuleta and his wife Jennifer Walcott, Playboy’s Miss August 2001, because she’s still posing in bikinis for her fans. At 26 (turns 37 on May 8), Walcott doesn’t appear ready to slow down with her bikini game. The photos you see here are recent shots of the mother of two. On Monday, she also posted a photo of herself on Facebook in lingerie (see below).

Two things:

• This is a case where it makes sense for a former athlete to not have an issue with his hot wife taking hot photos for male consumption. She got naked for cameras before Archuleta married her so bikini shots in 2014 don’t seem like a big deal to help pay the bills.

• Women should take a long, hard look at Walcott and realize what is the perfect body type for a 36-year-old mother. You should follow her on Facebook and ask her how she does it. Don’t waste your money on Weight Watchers or that Jenny Craig crap. Just do as Walcott says.

As for Archuleta, he is now a CBS NFL game analyst.

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