morning twitpics


Ahh, the last weekend in April. The shitty weather is almost finished until late September. The NBA playoffs are dragging along. There are questions about the Falcons trading their future for Clowney. Will Manziel slide all the way to the Cowboys? Will Mel Kiper and McShay release two or three more mock drafts before the actual draft?

You know what will actually be a great thing? The fucking NFL Draft being over. That will leave us with like two weeks before NFL training camps open. We are now firmly into 365-day coverage of the NFL. That means jerkoffs like Kiper/McShay/Jaworski have to create fake news just so you morons will gobble it up.

Anyway, get out and cut your grass today. Smell a tulip. Do anything besides look at stupid mock drafts and tweets about the Falcons trading up for Clowney.

From @EliasSports before last night’s game:

., who have never won the first 3 games of a playoff series, can do so with a win over tonight (8 pm on ESPN).

The streak rolls on.