Meet Josie Loren, Matt Leinart’s Girlfriend

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Josie Loren is a 27-year-old struggling actress just trying to make it in this rough world. Her boyfriend, Matt Leinart is about to turn 31 and is finished with his career as an NFL quarterback. While these two haven’t found breakthrough success in their fields – Matt was paid $17 million by the Cardinals – they have found each other and all you really need in this world is love, right?

Josie was the one who uploaded the Instagram video this week of Matt howling with a German Shepherd.

Her acting career is littered with bit parts in teen TV shows and movies such as 17 Again (starring Zac Efron) and 21 & Over. Matt’s career is littered with disappointment; more career INTs than TDs and 8 wins.

At least these two found love and stability in this rough, rough world where being hot or 6-5, 225, doesn’t mean you’ll have success in your chosen field of work. And Josie (@josloren)is moving on with her life. She just got into law school. Now she just needs to get Matt motivated to get a Fox Sports 1 analyst gig.

The great news here is that Matt doesn’t need the Jacuzzi and beer bong girls anymore. He can settle down and be happy with a chick who doesn’t need to make out with him at a beach bar. 

Josie seems like a keeper.