60 Hottest Fictional Sports Movie Characters




In case you didn’t know, let me be the first to tell you fictional characters aren’t real.

The person portraying them, however, is as real as an ice tray on a warm summer’s day. So why not measure them based on their abilities to intrigue our manhood?

There isn’t a sports fan in the world who hasn’t seen a sports movie featuring a female character that makes your heart go boom boom. For the most part, sports movies require at least one attractive female to keep our interest during those non-sportsy scenes.

Even the recent movie Draft Day, starring Kevin Costner, included Jennifer Connelly. Or is it Jennifer Affleck? Maybe she will just change her name to Batman’s wife. Regardless of what her real name is, Alias was looking some sexy in that movie.

Here is the greatest list I’ve ever put together, or cared to construct, of the hottest fictional sports movie characters ever.


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