Was Tazawa ‘Too Obvious’ With His Pitching Pine Tar In 2013?




Now I’m being told that Michael Pineda’s biggest crime Wednesday night is that he was too obvious with where he put his pitching pine tar. That’s what baseball fans are telling me. Too obvious. The guy didn’t hide his pine tar well enough. Of course I went out and had a pitching pine tar user tell BC where Pineda should hide his pine tar.

I’m also being told that Pineda deserved to be called out on the pine tar because he was dumb enough to use it in back-to-back games against the Red Sox, the same team that had no problem with him using it ten or so days ago. The Red Sox openly said in the locker room that use of pine tar isn’t that big of a deal.

Of course last night it was a big deal because Sox manager John Farrell called Pineda out on the pine tar.

Interesting, right?

So let’s go back to May 2, 2013 in Toronto where the Red Sox had Junichi Tazawa on the mound. It was the 7th inning. Tazawa hadn’t yet won the closer’s role. Tazawa puts two fingers on his left forearm. The Blue Jays TV crew catches it. Something looks shiny going onto those fingers.


The really big news from Tazawa’s use of Bullfrog & resin or some other form of pitching pine tar is that it happened just one night after Clay Buchholz caused a controversy for having a similar shiny substance on his forearm, almost in the same spot.

Buchholz pitches seven shutout innings on May 1.

Here’s what his arm looked like.


Back-to-back nights. Pitching pine tar. Two Red Sox victories. Greasy substance in the same spot.

Hypocrites? You can be the judge.


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