Where Michael Pineda Should Hide Pine Tar: Advice From Former Pine Tar User




From an email exchange with our pitching pine tar expert and former professional pitcher who learned how to use pine tar from former A.L. Central pitchers.

Best and easiest way is always to put it on your glove. You can take the pine tar rag and wipe it along the left and right tips on your glove or on the loose strings. When the ball is being thrown around and no one is watching the pitcher, that is the time to rub your hands on the glove and get some stickiness. Just make sure you have a dark colored glove. I’m sure Pineda will try this method next but will use a light tan glove and get caught. You can also put it under the brim of your hat. Looks natural as you fixed and adjust your hat to get some goo on your hand then, too.

You probably remember last week when our pitching pine tar expert shared the recipe he learned from a certain former A.L. Central pitcher.

Pineda needs all the expert advice he can get.

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