Tay Swift Leg Show, Tiger-Elin-Vonn & Religious Russ Getting Divorce


daily dump


Unemployed? Your ass gets three day baseball games, including Reds-Pirates at 12:30. Your NBA and NHL playoffs roll along. That means you get Bruins-Red Wings at 8 on NBCSN. I’d also recommend OKC-Memphis at 8 EST on TNT. You should also try to keep an eye on Yankees-Red Sox to see if there is a brawl over Boston being a bunch of pussies last night.


Taylor Swift’s legs for you freaks

Tiger-Elin-Vonn peaceful threesome

Dancers of the NBA Playoffs

Soccer fans are pissed off at Gus Johnson

Malzahn trolls Saban at bingo hall

Religious Russell Wilson files for divorce

Hottest Chicks Who’ve Said No To Playboy

Trust Me: Cassie Cardelle

Ridiculous College Double Play of the Month

Sandwich Porn of the Day

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