Hot Heat Fans, Dolphins Cheerleaders On A Boat & Fat Phil Jackson


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Don’t even get me started about the Red Sox calling out Michael Pineda last night for having pitching pine tar on his neck. I’ll just say that Pineda’s biggest problem is that (1.) He’s too black so the pine tar shows up too easily on his skin, and (2.) He needs someone like Kenny Rogers to teach him how to hide this stuff better.

We all know it was a bitch move by the Sox. They could’ve played the game, tipped off the Boston media that they wanted to call Pineda a bitch and called him out. If that doesn’t work, the next game (today), you throw one at Ellsbury’s head to send a message that you don’t appreciate Pineda being so obvious with his pine tar.

Let’s not forget where Clay Buchholz keeps his Bullfrog – right on his left arm.

From @baseball_ref:

Jeff Samardzija is the only pitcher in the last 100 yrs to go 7+ IP and allow 2 ER or fewer in his 1st 5 GS of a season and not earn a win

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