The Most Overrated Chicks In Sports


5 Sara Galimberti - Track and Field


Danica Patrick sure is a peach to look at but her Nascar driving record is nothing short of abysmal. Anna Kounikova is one of the sexiest female tennis players ever and she has zero wins in her singles career. We think you get the point, right?

Just because a female athlete is beautiful, doesn’t mean she is talented. The list of talented female sports hotties is much longer than what you are about to see but can you blame us for calling out the internet on this one?

How many times have you heard about a female athlete that is blowing up the internet – Allison Stokke – yet you somehow have never heard about the sport she plays or the level of talent she brings to the table? Seriously, how many times?

Regardless, these women aren’t Maria Sharapova’s but they surely do make us smile.


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