Paulina Gretzky Dropping Oscar Wilde Quotes On Instagram

This is why we love Paulina Gretzky.
She can drop an Oscar Wilde quote in an Instagram update and let you peek into this life jersey chasers wish they had.
“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
Very, very true.
What is she supposed to do, resent that she was born into extreme wealth? Of course not. Is she supposed to live like a bum to make you feel better because you were born into poverty? Of course not. Is she supposed to go into hiding because she’s wealthy, lives a great life and her future husband is loaded? Of course not.
Can’t blame this chick one bit for living it up. In fact, I wish she would start flaunting the wealth much more than she does. I wish she would post more Oscar Wilde quotes while she’s lounging on a Caribbean beach sipping on pina coladas. I wish she would brag that her dad is selling a house for $10.5 million that has a nicer laundry room than your entire house.
She’s so right, start living. Take it from Paulina. Stop looking for handouts and get your life together. Quit smoking pot on Tuesday nights. Stop getting drunk on Monday nights.
Start making something of your life.

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