Meet The L.A. Kiss Girls




The new rankings for cheerleaders in Los Angeles: Laker Girls, UCLA, Clippers dance team, L.A. Kiss Girls, USC Song Girls.

The good news for the L.A. Kiss Girls is that they’re just four games into the season so there is plenty of time to move ahead of the Clippers and start to cut into the Laker Girls’ lead as the best dance team in L.A.

Built over the winter, the Girls have two home games under their belts. Duties include dancing during halftime shows performed by Steel Panther.

You get the idea: Look hot in leather and act like you love to party. These aren’t your normal cheerleaders like the Cowboys trot out eight times a year. These Kiss ladies are dancers. You’re at a quasi-Kiss concert with a football game going on. These chicks DANCE.

As for the football on the field (2-2), the only name you probably recognize is former Oregon Ducks WR Samie Parker.

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