WWE’s Lana – From Florida State Cowgirl To Ring Diva




We told you last fall that former Florida State Cowgirl C.J. Perry had taken a job with the WWE as a Diva. After a couple months building her character on Raw, Lana rattled the Internet last night during her appearance in a tight red dress. According to our WWE tipsters, Lana’s character is a Russian chick managing some mammoth dude named Alexander Rusev.

This is obviously a good time to be a Russian chick in the WWE. Will the WWE play up new Russian hatred via a hot chick in a red dress? Of course it will.

While everyone remembers Jenn Sterger from the 2005 Florida State game where Brent Musburger went nuts, C.J. Perry was one of Sterger’s original Cowgirls.

Perry eventually moved to California to do the acting and music thing. It’s unclear how she ended up as in WWE Diva training, but she had the perfect background to play the part of Lana. Perry spent several years in Latvia where her father worked as a Christian missionary.

There she learned to speak Russian.

Lana speaking Russian last night on Raw:

Even better, Lana (@LanaWWE) tweets as if she’s speaking with a Russian accent.

You are welcome that I let you use for match against

I say. Rusev do.

Good meeting today he is fan too of & .

Once again, you can thank Musburger for helping propel another college coed into stardom. Without Brent ogling Sterger, would the Cowgirls ever rise to the stardom they achieved?

Probably not.

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