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Doug Flutie’s Daughter, Alexa, Makes 2014 Charger Girls Squad



Alexa Flutie, Doug’s daughter, has put together a solid career as a San Diego Chargers cheerleader. It was announced this weekend that Alexa made the 2014 Charger Girls squad, which will be her third year in San Diego after spending one year as a Patriots cheerleader.

This isn’t one of those situations where the team is doing Alexa a favor for all her dad did for the organization – an 8-14 career record.

We pointed out last fall that Alexa has taken her looks to the next level. It’s still unclear exactly what she did, whether it was the hair or bra she wears during tryouts, but this is not a fluke. She’s a legit fourth-year NFL cheerleading vet.

According to her LinkedIn account, Alexa (@alexadawn22) is also a substitute teacher and a dance coach.

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