Charger Girl Alexa Flutie, Doug’s Daughter, Got Hotter During Offseason



The last time we checked in with Alexa Flutie, Doug’s daughter, she was with the San Diego Charger Girls and doing her thing after a year as a Patriots cheerleader. She wasn’t necessarily a 10 like the rest of the Charger Girls so it always felt like she got the gig based on her father’s history.

And then our photographer friend Scott B. happened to shoot a photo of Alexa before the Texans game. She looks different…in a good way.

The hair is different. The crazy bronzer seems to be history. The body looks tight. She looks like a legit Chargers Girl. She has a marine boyfriend that looks like he can kick our asses. We’re fully on the bandwagon.

Doug Flutie’s daughter (@alexadawn22) is officially one of the hottest NFL cheerleaders of 2013.