Sydney Durso Kicks Off Cowboys Cheerleader Bikini Fittings



Ahh, spring!

Bunny rabbits, green grass, rain showers, daffodils, tulips and the Cowboys cheerleaders getting fitted in bikinis for their annual calendar shoot.

It happens every year, and yet it still smacks me in the face year after year.

Veteran cheerleader Sydney Durso (@DCC_Sydney) was fitted on Monday. Longtime BC readers will remember Durso from back in the day. We’ve been keeping track of Sydney’s cheerleading exploits since 2010. She’s still with the team and, from what we can see, is staying in shape. It would be real easy to let yourself go a little as you become a Cowboys veteran. She obviously knows there are young, hot chicks gunning for her job on a yearly basis.

Yet here we are with Durso ready for another bikini calendar shoot. A veteran not ready to give up her job with the world’s most famous cheerleading unit.

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