Claudia Romani & Cecilia Black Have Fun With Kustom Paddle Board



Our old friend Claudia Romani (@ClaudiaRomani) sent me an email tonight seeing what we’ve been up to lately. Oh, you know, just going through the worst winter in the history of Ohio while she’s parading around Miami Beach in a bikini every single day. Why stay in this bullshit weather? Because we all can’t live in Miami year round.

But that’s what Romani does.

And that leads to situations where she’s with her Danish friend Cecilia Black (she’s an actress) enjoying a day frolicking with Kustom Paddle boards. Claudia tells me she met Black when they both lived in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“We had fun with the Kustom Paddle, inflatable paddle board designed by Kevin Gleizes for  I work with him on the fashion side of the company,” Romani wrote in the email.

And there you have it. Some guy named Kevin is working with a world-class bikini model like Romani while my ass is shoveling 87 inches of snow. Now I’m miserable.

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