Marlins Clevelander Bar Body Paint Chicks Are Back




Thinking of going to a Marlins game this summer and worried the team cut out body painting at the Clevelander bar in a cost-savings move? Don’t worry, the body paint chicks are back for the 2014 season.

Tickets to the Clevelander (@Clevelander1020) will cost you $40 if you want a seat; $20 will get you a standing room only spot. Let me recommend the $20 ticket because you aren’t there to watch the baseball anyway.

Of course you know of our love affair with the Clevelander (2013 Clevelander body painting). BC was the first site to sing its praises as the best bar inside a baseball stadium. It’s not even close. Not only do you have a great view of the field, you have body paint chicks bouncing around, expensive fruity drinks and a pool if you want to get crazy and go for a swim.

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