Brett Favre Shows Up At Virginia Beach Hotel, Still Bearded



From spotters on the ground, it seems Brett Favre came out of his bunker for another appearance at some sort of medical convention to snap photos and chat with fans.

According to hollaatyoboyrico, Favre was at the Hilton Virginia Beach on Thursday making some money.

He flew in to make an appearance for a medical company for an hour then flew back home. He looked scruffy but he looked good. All buff and stuff in his wranglers. Lol

At least the guy wears the product he pitches. I can’t picture Shaq driving an Olds.

And there you have it. That’s how Brett is filling his bank account when he’s not fishin’ and cuttin’ down trees for new ATV trails.

Favre-Beard-March-28-3 Favre-Beard-March-28-2

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