Nick Saban & Wife Roll Through Boca Grande On Bikes [VIDEO]

You think Alabama head football coach Nick Saban is still replaying that loss to Auburn in his head?

Not a chance. Saban is giving zero shits this off-season (see above).

Saban and his wife, Terry, are chilling in Boca Grande, Florida (remember Nick saving his neighbor’s boat last year?). A sports fan out for a bike ride caught the Sabans just cruising around on the path.

We assumed Saban was locked in a bunker somewhere in Tuscaloosa calling recruits and breaking down film of the two gut-wrenching losses ‘Bama suffered to close out its 2013 season. Guess not.

Saban’s new contract extension must be what has him so chill. (Uh, Coach, you want to undo that top button? It is the off-season for chrissakes!)

[H/T: @cntowens]

More proof Saban is human from summer of 2013: