Look At This New Use For Drones – Stadium Tours! [VIDEO]


Baseball season can’t get here soon enough. When minor league baseball blogger Benjamin Hill tweeted out a link to this aerial tour of the Dunedin Blue Jays’ Florida Auto Exchange Stadium, it made us want to throw the baseball around in the BC office.

Of course, not even Yasiel Puig could throw from Ohio to Philly and back (without a cutoff man).

It got us to thinking: with the emergence of drones, why doesn’t every ballpark have its own aerial tour? It would seem fairly easy to record, edit, post and share this stuff. Someone get the MLBAM crew on the horn.

Dunedin’s season begins at home against Clearwater on Thursday, April 3.

PS – These drones fly high. Note the eagle/hawk at 0:33 of the video (screencap below).

Dunedin Eagle

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