Tebow With Blonde, Sager Doesn’t Wear Toupee & Kaley Cuoco Playing Tennis

Tebow With Blonde, Sager Doesn’t Wear Toupee, Kaley Cuoco Plays Tennis


Don’t watch sports tonight. Take a night off. Get some sleep. Get mentally prepared for another four-day basketball binge. Figure out how much money you have to gamble. Take your wife/GF out for a nice quiet dinner. Let her have the remote. Act like you want to watch House Hunters with her. Build up relationship points to burn when you go drinking Thursday-Saturday with your boys.

THIS BLONDE gets photo with Tebow

Craig Sager isn’t wearing toupee – PROOF

Bynum gets haircut during halftime – seriously

HO-LY Shit – Kaley Cuoco playing tennis

Fred Hoiberg sent this text to daughter after win

Brewers selling fake dirty shirts

Best bikini yoga you’ll see all day

Heidi Klum attacks Bahamas beach

Arizona Band Being The Arizona Band IG Video of the Day

Sandwich Porn of the Day

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