Louisville Cheerleader Shakin’, Kansas Crying, Wichita Crying & UD Ghetto Fun


Louisville Cheerleader Shakin’, Kansas & Wichita Crying, UD Ghetto Fun

What did we learn this weekend? The top of the SEC isn’t as bad as the experts thought. The conference got three teams in and all three are headed to the Sweet 16 (7-0). We also learned that Virginia is better than everyone thought. They absolutely dominated Memphis, shooting 55% from the field.

The bad news is that Virginia gets Michigan State. The good news is that if the Cavaliers can shoot like that from outside, they’ll beat Sparty. The bad news is that they won’t be able to stop Payne and MSU’s defense is much, much better than Memphis.

We also learned that if you’re a scalper holding tickets to the Indy regional, you hit the motherlode. Michigan, Tennessee, Louisville and Kentucky are coming to town. Keep in mind, Indy was running Groupon ticket deals a couple weeks ago. Now, the cheapest get-in price on StubHub is $161 per ticket.

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