Victoria's Secret Model Erin Heatherton Is Rooting For Kansas [PHOTOS]

Erin Heatherton is not afraid to show you everything…especially her fully exposed…bracket.
The Victoria’s Secret model (and 2014 NBA Celebrity All-Star) filled out a bracket for the 2014 NCAA Tournament and posted it on her Instagram Thursday. Heatherton picked the Kansas Jayhawks to take the title.
She’s openly rooting for the school on Twitter,  too, though she sadly hasn’t contributed to the notorious KU Boobs…yet (she may want to consider it: Kansas was tied with Eastern Kentucky, 32-32, at half).

You hear about non-sports celebrities picking NCAA brackets all the time, but how many of them have the guts to show you their choices. This is just one more reason for us to love Heatherton.


[H/T: RockChalkBlog]

Aroldis Chapman's Head – NSFW
Aroldis Chapman's Head – NSFW
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