100 Best KU Boobs On Internet

Terrible news broke late Monday night when KU Boobs, the Twitter profile that launched a zillion boobs in support of Kansas basketball, tweeted that it was being shut down through a cease and desist order served by the university it loves. Oh, the irony! Oh, the horror!

KU Boobs has been ordered to cease and desist by The University of Kansas by June 12, 2013.

— KU Boobs (@KUboobs) June 11, 2013

Oh, the bullshit!…KU Boobs isn’t going anywhere but into your spank bank. Why? They weren’t served the cease and desist over cleavage peeking out of legitimately purchased shirts. KU Boobs was selling merchandise with “KU” on it. That’s a possible trademark infringement, so Kansas filed a C&D to get KU Boobs to stop selling the merch, Jim Marchiony, an associate athletic director at Kansas, said.

The best part is that Kansas took enough heat on Twitter to respond to the uproar. If the university had any sense, it would work with KU Boobs to market branded merchandise (and get them to help recruit football players who are as highly regarded as its basketball players are).

Some well-played theatrics by KU Boobs did manage to get the profile some notoriety during a slow period. There’s only one way to celebrate that sort of cunning ingenuity: