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UCLA Cheerleaders Of March Madness

Now that March Madness is underway, it isn’t too late to enjoy some good old fashioned girl-on-girl fun.

No, not that much fun but we love where your mind is at. We are talking about the smoking hot ladies of the UCLA Cheer Squad and Dance Team. Both teams are stacked with talent including MaCall Manor, once nominated for America’s hottest college basketball cheerleader.

That was last year. Lucky for all of us, MaCall Manor is back and she brought a few new friends that are even hotter and sexier than both teams from last year.

Remember this name,¬†Carley¬†Smiddy. She is the next big thing to come out of UCLA since the last big name to come from UCLA…

Now it is time to decide which team is sexier. We can’t decide so we are going to leave it up to you.


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