MaCall Manor – America’s Hottest College Basketball Cheerleader


While Joe Lunardi and the rest of the Bracketologists are busy jerking around with RPIs, OOC win value, strength of schedule values & deductions for bad losses to figure out the March Madness field, BC has been searching for America’s Hottest College Basketball Cheerleaders. Our methods vary from Lunardi’s. We actually have a life and get to search Instagram and Twitter accounts.

We actually get to spend this time of year enjoying our lives instead of worrying about the last four in and the last four out.

If you know of a candidate for America’s Hottest College Basketball Cheerleader, let us know.

[email protected]

Candidate: MaCall Manor

School: UCLA

From: Kansas

Favorite Music: Classic Rock

Interesting fact: “Would have loved to see the Wright brothers’ first flight.”

Facebook: Yes

Other Social Media: Not that we could find

[Photos via BeatSC and Bacon Sports]

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