The Detroit Tigers’ New Hot Dog Lineup Looks Delicious


People throw shade on Detroit all the time. Those people clearly aren’t going to enough Detroit Tigers’ games.

In addition to winning the last three American League Central titles, the Tigers know how to treat their guests. We told you about the Meatloaf Cupcake the Tigers sold at Comerica Park during the 2013 post-season.

In 2014, the team is re-inventing the hot dog by debuting four new ballpark frank options:

• The Poutine Dog
– a hot dog topped with french fries, cheese curds and beef gravy (pictured above)

• The Late Night Dog
— a hot dog with fried egg, bacon and cheddar cheese

• The Pork & Beans
— a frank with baked beans, cheddar cheese and bacon

• The Slaw Dog — a frank with Coney chili and cole slaw

Each gourmet hot dog will cost $7.

Maybe it’s for the best that Prince Fielder was traded. He might have dropped the vegetarian lifestyle for these dogs.

[H/T: Freep via Crain’s]

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