Rick’s Cabaret Stripper Reveals Picks For BC Bracket Challenge



Think you’re smarter than a New York City stripper when it comes to filling out a March Madness bracket?

Here’s your chance to prove it.

Rick’s Cabaret NYC stripper Candee has released her March Madness picks for the BC Bracket Challenge and has Billy Donovan facing Pitino in Cowboys Stadium for the national championship. She knows better than to pick Wichita State.

Her Final Four: Florida, Michigan State, Arizona and Louisville. National champion: Florida.

As you now know, the BC Bracket Challenge winner will chose between the $750 Sound Package or a VIP night at Rick’s in Manhattan. We’ve heard from entrants as far away as Texas and Colorado who say, if they win, they’ll be flying to NYC for the Rick’s experience.

Fill out your bracket at CBS: http://thebustedcoverage.mayhem.cbssports.com/e?ttag=BPM14_tw_cbsinv

Password: bustedcoverage

Looking at her bracket, Candee went heavy with the favorites. She doesn’t even have a 12 beating a 5. Funny, right? Can Candee win with this strategy? We’ll start to find out when the tourney tips tomorrow at Noon.

Are you in New York this week and need a place to watch the games? Get over to Rick’s (50 W. 33rd), order lunch, talk 2-3 zone defense with the Russian dancers and enjoy the games.


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