Gronk & Julian Edelman On Set Of ‘Entourage’ Movie

Gronk & Julian Edelman On Set Of ‘Entourage’ Movie

And it’s about to happen. Gronk is about to film his part in the upcoming Entourage movie that figures to be the biggest blockbuster bro movie ever (via @Edelman11).

Jimmy Traina reported in December that Gronk wouldn’t appear in the movie. TMZ had said Gronk would appear. Creator/producer Doug Ellin told Traina, “I have never spoken to him and there is nothing written.”

Maybe he’s just on the set to bro out. Or maybe there was a change of plans and Gronk has a part. Or maybe in December it wasn’t kosher to say Gronk would be in a movie after destroying his ACL and MCL.

It looks to us like he has a part.

Best of Gronk:

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