Johnny Manziel Can’t Go To Subway Without Weirdo Wanting Photo



The idea of having Johnny Manziel camp out in San Diego before the NFL Draft was so he could work with his quarterback guru, not get into trouble and lay low in a city where people are pretty chill. Suddenly, JFF can’t go into public without someone wanting a photo of the next Browns QB.

You might remember just last week when Johnny was just trying to get ice cream when bikini chicks sandwiched him for a photo.

Then, this morning, weirdo @Chargerfan890 bothered Mr. Football as he tried to get home with his breakfast. It’s time for San Diegans to go back to being San Diegans. You’re chill. You aren’t impressed by fame. You’re more interested in a wave and not some 20-something QB.

Best of Johnny Pre-San Diego

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