Ozzie Guillen Signs Autograph To ‘Bad Ass Girls’ In Australia


The baseball season never truly ends for former White Sox and Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen. After helping out on ESPN’ Deportes coverage of the 2014 Caribbean Series from his native Venezuela earlier this winter, Guillen recently spread the gospel of baseball in Australia the only way he knows how (above).

When he wasn’t calling girls “bad ass,” Guillen held a series of clinics and speaking engagements affiliated with the Melbourne Aces and the Waverley, Springvale, and Essendon Baseball Clubs.

We can only imagine some of the things that went down during Ozzie’s stay in Australia. Check out the glam look on Oz:

The 2014 MLB season begins this weekend when the Dodgers face the D’backs for two games in Sydney.

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