Tipster Alleges Former NFL Kicker Is Dating A Stripper (I’m Shocked)



We get emails from time to time that I think you guys would enjoy. You see that little tip hotline box at the top of the page? That is where craziness ensues. We get all sorts of shit sent to us. Some makes it on the site, while other shit is so wild that I just have to delete it.

Earlier this week we received a message via BQ. I’m not really sure why he/she sought out BC, but this is what we received.

The former NFL player and always a train wreck [name redacted] is back at it again!  It’s safe to say this dried up, fat douche bag prefers his women straight off the pole.  He’s upgraded from unsuccessfully chasing bartenders who prefer black men with bigger man parts to now trying to wife a well known stripper named [name redacted] from the Men’s Club in Charlotte, NC.

After he was allegedly blackballed from the NFL for his crazy antics, he has taken his life after professional sports to a even lower level.  What’s better, his new girlfriend was and still is a black man loving prostitute!  She left her previous stripper job in Charleston, SC because she snitched on the “low country” madam she was hooking for.

She told everyone she was a former pastry chef, but the only goodies she’s ever cooked up was how many black men she could get in one night.  Everyone around town knows she’s a stripper and will consider doing more for anyone for the right price.  The so called love of his life enjoys doing it ALL on the DL just like all of his other ex girlfriends.

Must be a trend for ol’ [name redacted]!  Too bad his two-time Super Bowl winnings with the [team redacted] are a faint memory of the past because now he’s just a laughing joke.  Be sure to catch him at your local bar or strip club in Charlotte, NC for an autograph.

Jaded ex-lover? Jaded stripper?

I’m pretty shocked a former NFL kicker dates a stripper. First I’ve ever heard of such a thing.

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