Brent Musburger Won't Call National Title Game, Has Gambling Plans

“You are looking live” is history at 8 p.m. EST on ABC during college football season. 75-year-old Brent Musburger has lost his job as the voice of college football with Kirk Herbstreit. As a consolation prize, ESPN execs have given Brent a three-year deal to be the lead voice of the SEC Network while working with Jesse Palmer.
The real bummer in this news is that Brent won’t be working the national title game or one of the semifinal playoff games, according to Richard Deitsch’s report Wednesday on the football legend.
The good news is that Brent isn’t exactly crying over the news. He has already made plans for how he’ll celebrate not working the national title game.

“I’m enthused about doing SEC games,” Musburger said. “This is not, ‘Oh my goodness, I’m not doing the national championship game.’ I’m going to spend that night, in fact, with my wife and sons in Montana. We’ll sell (betting) squares, and have a great time. I’m in a very good place. I’m an old guy with a three-year contract and I can afford to buy my own beer.”

That’s Brent being Brent and why so many of us get chills when he sets the scene for a college football game by describing the atmosphere with gambling nuggets and mentions of hot coeds. He was the guy we wanted to go to Vegas with; the guy we wanted to drink in a sports bar with; the guy we wanted to chase women with.
Chris Fowler got Brent’s job and a nine-year contract. Is it a downgrade? A little right now only because you are so used to “You are looking live,” but ESPN has a playoff system coming up and needs to have their guy ready. Fowler isn’t exactly some boring dude who just calls tennis matches. The guy is a big music fan who has tastes such as Metallica, Of Monsters and Men, Cage the Elephant to Mozart.
Meanwhile, Brent realizes it’s time to move on.

Did I sit around and cry about it? Absolutely not. There’s no need for me to look back. I have to look forward.”

Like looking forward to selling betting squares for the national title game.
We’ll miss the legend (he’ll still be around…don’t get too bummed out).

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