The Fittest Woman We’ve Ever Seen Trains With C.J. Wilson’s Wife [PHOTOS]


You may remember Brazilian supermodel Lisalla Montenegro as the lovely new wife of Angels’ pitcher C.J. Wilson. (You really should remember her.)

Well, while Wilson is getting ready for the 2014 season in Arizona, Lisalla has been keeping her modeling body in shape with some intense workouts.

Her workout partner, Stephanie, tho‚Ķ She’s pretty much the fittest woman we’ve ever seen. We’re talking better-than-Olympic fit. Jen Selter’s butt-meets-washboard abs fit.

Stephanie is a personal trainer at Team Hybrid Fitness-Personal Training in Irvine, Calif. If she doesn’t motivate you to hit the gym – or at least put down those doughnuts – there is no hope left for you, dude.

You should probably see a gallery of her sculpted physique to be sure.

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