Did Holly Sonders Wear This Dress On TV Just For Busted?

HO-LY shit!
How am I just hearing that this is the dress Holly Sonders wore Friday morning on the Golf Channel? I know some of you guys sit through that show while waiting for the stock market to open. You have to give me the heads up.
Anyway, Holly just took her dress game to the next level. You put her on the Today Show and they’re kicking Good Morning America’s ass. I have no idea what Holly’s contract is like at NBC, but you have to get her into a prime slot. Her wearing this shit and talking golf with a bunch of old guys is a waste of her talents.
At least throw her on the Today show for some golf segments. You have her wear the dress, you have Lauer tee up a couple softball questions and viewers are hooked.
Just a suggestion.

[top photo via @JacobCraton]

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