Ryan Braun's Wife: Remembering 9/11 Makes 'Wonderful Aspects' Of Offseason List

As you might’ve read here before, Ryan Braun’s lingerie model wife, Larisa Fraser, has a blog where she waxes about food, life as a vegan, fashion and general statements on life. It’s pretty innocent stuff. Want to know about some great new oatmeal that you can probably buy at Whole Foods? Read her blog.
We visit the blog to see if she’s shooting new lingerie photos and to see what Ryan (he’ll make $10 million this season) was up to during his suspension.
Today I noticed Larisa had an interesting post about her offseason.

Whenever another baseball season starts I like to reflect on different parts of the ‘off season’. I used to count my ‘seasons’ based on modeling seasons which are different based on each market. However, since baseball is pretty much an ‘all consuming sport’… I don’t really have much of an option. So without further ado… here are some wonderful aspects of my winter months.

swimming with sharks-
discovering raw vegan desserts
remembering 9/11

new clients. SIRENS.
dress fittings

There are more things on her “wonderful aspects” list that you can read on the blog. We’re just pleased that remember 9/11 could sneak in between “parties” and “Mexico.”
See, most lingerie models wouldn’t remember the little things that really matter in life. Not Ryan Braun’s wife. 9/11 is right there with campfires.
Never change, Brauns. We love you just how you are.

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