BC Interview: Britt Linn, Playboy's Miss March 2014

Shaving your head wouldn’t seem to be a usual step to appearing in Playboy, but Britt Linn isn’t your usual Playmate.
Linn, Playboy’s Miss March 2014, is the iconic magazine’s first short-haired Playmate in more than 15 years. The 23-year-old New Jersey native’s modeling career didn’t really take off until she shaved her head, an act she did as a show of solidarity with her ill mother a year-and-a-half ago.
“My mother served as my inspiration. She never wore wigs; she just showed off her beautiful bald head, so I thought I’d shave my head, too,” Linn said Thursday morning from Astoria, Queens.
“I love my short hair. I think it’s helped me stand out.”
Linn was discovered on Facebook by a model scout while working a job as a surgical technician about a year ago. The whirlwind that has followed has taken Linn to New York City Fashion Week, a Seventeen magazine shoot and now the centerfold of Playboy’s March 2014 issue.
Linn talked to us about the days when she loved Brett Favre, her billiards prowess and her preferred drink of choice.
You were discovered on Facebook by a “model scout.” Did you think that message was creepy when you first got it?
“It wasn’t creepy because so many modeling agencies are finding talent that way. I was able to research my agency, Red Model Management, because it had a presence on Models.com and that helped me confirm it was legitimate. Scam agencies don’t operate that way.”

You went from working around surgeons to working in the modeling world. Which world had bigger divas?

“I think the surgeons were bigger divas. There’s much more at stake in the operating room; it’s more intense, and there’s a definite pecking order as to which person has what responsibility…I’d definitely say surgeons can be divas in the best possible way. They need to focus. In the fashion industry, it’s more about having fun and playing dress-up.”
You’re a Jersey native. Which sports teams did you follow growing up?
“I was a stereotypical girl who didn’t follow sports, but I grew up playing sports. Everyone in my neighborhood was a boy, so if I didn’t know my football, I was in trouble. We watched the Giants in my house, but my dad was a big Green Bay Packers fan, so I used to love Brett Favre. Number four all the way! (laughs)”
Have any athletes been hitting on you since you were named a Playmate?
“I’ve been sort of bi-coastal – flying out to L.A. a lot – so I haven’t had the chance to get hit on by athletes yet or meet many people as a Playmate.”
Your bio mentions you are good at pool. Have you ever sharked a guy – or let him win?
“I am very unsuspectingly good at pool. Guys will talk a lot and then we’ll bet – and I’ll beat them – and then suddenly a whole line of guys wants to play me. It makes for a long night of competition, but it’s all in fun.”
We hear you like Jack Daniel’s. How many shots of Jack does it take to get you drunk? What was your worst experience with it?
“I’ve never had a bad experience on Jack; never gotten sick or hungover. I just order their Tennessee Honey flavor on ice with a splash of peach schnapps and sip it all night. It’s my go-to drink.”
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The March 2014 issue of Playboy featuring Britt Linn as Playmate of the Month is on newsstands and at iPlayboy.com now.

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