Bret Bielema’s Wedding Registry Includes $1,120 Silverware Set, $140 Toaster

Bret Bielema is marrying Jennifer Hielsberg and in true Busted Coverage fashion we need to pick out a wedding item to buy these lovely kids. Bret is 41. His chick is 26. They’re tying the knot this Saturday. Bret’s salary comes in at about $1.5 million per year. In other words, we need to come up with the perfect item that says good luck and ‘Boy, can’t you afford your own $140 toaster?’ We deal in registries for a living & Bret’s is quite impressive. 

Normally, these famous athletes/coaches will have like 1-2 registries. Bret has 5, including: Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, Pottery Barn & Williams Sonoma. Guess this won’t be a low-key wedding.

From the look of these registries, the couple has been living in a cardboard box without utensils. The Williams Sonoma registry includes red spatulas, a stainless steel whisk and even a gelato paddle.

We have our eyes on the egg timer. Seems cheap enough at $6.99 to stay within our budget, including shipping. Moving over to the Bed Bath & Beyond registry, may we suggest you Wisky fans splurge on the remote controlled pillar candles.

As for this Hielsberg chick, she seems to be a smokeshow according to what we can see of her on Twitter. Not sure how Mr. Suave landed a chick in her 20s. Would’ve figured he had a toaster, some spatulas and strainers. Looks like Mrs. Bielema plans on bringing some civility to Madison this Saturday night.

[Full Brett Bielema Wedding Registry]  [Jenn Hielsberg – Twitter]

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