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Amanda Of The L.A. Kings Ice Crew Heats Up Your Snow Day

The NHL is on hiatus, but the hotness of the L.A. Kings Ice Crew never rests.

We mentioned last month that the L.A. Kings Ice Crew was slowly rolling out behind-the-scenes video of its calendar and promo shoots. This is practically why online video was invented.

In the latest installment, Ice Crew rookie Amanda models a black bikini on a red leather chair and next to a velvet wall before donning more traditional Kings’ branded merch.

Seeing some hockey cheesecake (and a Kings’ throwback sweater) has to be better than shoveling snow or watching speedskating in Sochi, right? We thought you’d see it like that.

Since Amanda was Miss January, you have 11 more months of Ice Crew girls left. You can see them here each month.

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