Fight Breaks Out During Carolina – Duke Manager Game [VIDEO]

Think tonight’s North Carolina-Duke game (9 p.m. ET on ESPN) doesn’t mean as much this year with the Tar Heels (16-7) unranked? Think again.

The managers of the two teams got into a fight in their traditional game at the Dean Dome.

From the video above, it looks like a Carolina manager cleared out Duke manager Drew Goldstein with a vicious elbow after grabbing a rebound at the end of the first half. The two teams had to be separated before the action resumed.

Carolina eventually won the game, 38-33. It was tied 2-2 after 10 minutes. Oof.

Hopefully that’s not foreshadowing: an average ticket for tonight’s game is currently going for $312, the cheapest it has been in five years, according to ESPN.

[H/T: Fayetteville Observer]