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Slopestyle Skier Kaya Turski Didn’t Nail This Landing, Gets Drug Tested

As you can see from the tape delayed NBC coverage of today’s slopestyle competition, Canadian Kaya Turski had a rough day. She didn’t exactly nail that landing. Things happen. She then crashed on her second run in the semifinals. The really bad news: Kaya was the favorite to win gold.

But that’s just where Kaya’s (@kayaturski) fun started today.

She got drug tested.

Well World…. I gave it my best shot. I truly did…… Thank you for all the amazing support. Everyone. Love you

Thank you for your support.. warms my heart. Even though today was a little heart breaking it is something really special to feel the love.

Just on my way out to celebrate w ladies & getting pulled into doping 2nd night in a row! Booo! #imcleaniprpromise Celebrate away teamies!!!

Kudos to the IOC for picking out that woman who nearly died on your slushy mountain for the drug test.


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