A-Rod’s Season Of Suspension: Hanging With Malcolm Gladwell

A Rod Malcolm Gladwell Al Golden FULL

Alex Rodriguez seems determined to link himself to the University of Miami whether ‘The U’ likes it or not.

At a time when he would normally be packing for spring training, the suspended Yankees third baseman stopped by to hear author Malcolm Gladwell discuss his new book David and Goliath at the school’s Student Activities Center on Tuesday night.

Miami Student Activities Director Josh Brandfon tweeted out the photo above calling A-Rod a UM Trustee (and noting football coach Al Golden’s presence, too). Though Brandfon deleted his tweet, it turns out A-Rod IS one of Miami’s national trustees. This explains his presence at ‘Canes football games.

Anyway, we have a feeling as to what Rodriguez was hoping to learn about from Gladwell:

In David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell challenges how we think about obstacles and disadvantages, offering a new interpretation of what it means to be discriminated against, or cope with a disability, or lose a parent, or attend a mediocre school, or suffer from any number of other apparent setbacks.

A-Rod: overcoming the struggle against MLB since 2013.

Oh hey, a-rod is here to see @Gladwell. He must be lost, biogenesis is across the street. pic.twitter.com/PPg4n1UDZf

— Adam Orshan (@aorshan) February 12, 2014

Yup, like me, A-Rod is in the room to hear Malcolm Gladwell speak. #OnlyAtTheU pic.twitter.com/XZ6jOuJUJY

— Alicia Jessop (@RulingSports) February 12, 2014