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Unlucky ARod Tailgated Before Another Miami Hurricanes Loss [PHOTOS]

It’s official: Alex Rodriguez is a jinx, both to teams that he’s on AND those for whom he roots.

For the second consecutive week, A-Rod popped in on the University of Miami football team’s pre-game festivities on Saturday. And, for the second consecutive game, the ‘Canes got stomped, falling 42-24 to Virginia Tech at Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

Last week, A-Rod traveled to Tallahassee to tailgate with fans before Florida State clobbered ‘The U.’ FWIW – Miami was 7-0 in 2013 prior to A-Rod becoming a pre-gaming maven.

This is going to wind up being a Yankees-like situation. Miami will start sending him Florida State hats and game tickets.

A Rod recovered from the Miami-VT game and watched football at a bar in NYC on Sunday. We assume he was rooting for the Giants, so maybe the curse is broken? Still, no one at MSG is likely to send him any Knicks or Rangers tickets for a while.

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