NBC Sports Olympic Anchor Julie Donaldson Is A Former Miss Florida USA

For viewers who aren’t following the Olympics with pink-eyed Bob Costas in primetime, NBC features various live programming and updates at NBC Sports Network, NBCOlympics.com and some of its other channels.
If you’ve viewed any of those outlets, chances are you’ve seen Julie Donaldson. The former Miss Florida USA, Florida Gator and Miami Heat TV reporter is pulling serious overtime at NBC Sports Network while on loan from Comcast Sports Network Mid-Atlantic in Washington.
She’s not getting a whole lot of downtime in lovely Stamford, Conn., per The Washington Post:

“…her current gig…includes 21 straight days of 12-hour shifts in a part of the U.S. that turns out to be more wintry than Sochi. …This requires a basic comfort with every Olympic sport, the pronunciation of scores of unfamiliar names, multiple mid-day reapplications of makeup, and virtually no time for anything but eating and sleeping.”

Sounds like Costas shouldn’t be the only NBC talent allowed to drink on-air during the Sochi Games. God knows it would make the pronunciation of the hockey players much more of an adventure.
The mid-30s Donaldson celebrated her birthday on Monday with some cakes. Let’s hope someone bought her a shot, too.

Photos: Instagram.com/julieadonaldson and @jdonaldsonCSN

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