North Face Gets In U.S. Olympic Spirit With Clothes Made Overseas


Made in Peru



I stopped by the Ann Arbor North Face store on Tuesday just to see what suburban white people are buying this year to stay warm while they watch the Olympics on their Pottery Barn sofa. Upon walking in, I noticed a proud USA Olympic display for the U.S. freeskiing team (North Face is sponsoring the team). There were multiple red, white and blue coats, shirts, hats and other gear for suburban white people to buy and soak in the Olympic spirit.

So I started looking at tags, you know, because U.S. companies have this bad history of making Olympic gear in foreign lands.

You can now add North Face to the list of terrible companies who’ll have some foreigner working for garbage wages throwing an American flag on a piece of clothing.

Here’s the fun part – North Face told that the freeskiing uniforms were designed and manufactured in the U.S. (they don’t want to get hammered like Ralph Lauren did for the Made in China clothing worn by athletes at the London Games.)

So North Face made sure to manufacturer the uniforms in the U.S., but is selling consumers Olympic gear made in foreign countries. Got it.

Go U.S.A.!

Made in China



Made in Mexico


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