Seahawks Fans Destroy Bronco At Scrap Yard [VIDEO]


Too literal? Maybe, but the Seahawks’ fans from Ferndale’s Scrap-It in Ferndale, Wash. don’t care.

The scrap yard crew used a Seahawks-themed claw and shear to destroy a 1985 Ford Bronco with a customized Denver Broncos paint job on Wednesday.

Employee Herb Parks came up with the idea. You think he’s a little fired up for Super Bowl XLVIII?

Via The Bellingham Herald:

…He got to operate the crane as it tore into the Bronco like a T. rex. The utter destruction — glass shattering, tires popping, metal being torn asunder — was satisfying, Parks said.

“It felt like 12th Man,” he said. “This made me feel like I was part of the team.”

He hopes it’s a performance that the Seahawks can repeat on the field on Sunday, Feb. 2.

“I’m definitely hoping that’s how it’s going to go,” Parks said. “Just rip them apart.”

Are we sure that Herb isn’t the SeaHulk dude?

Yes, that's my real name.
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