We Ran Into These Drunk Seahawks Fans In Times Square

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Seattle is officially taking over Times Square, if you are to believe the drunks we found this afternoon in Times Square. We actually got this moment with Seattle’s Best just after a TV station interviewed them. Seriously.
Welcome to the Super Bowl, where being a freak with your face painted at Noon gets you on TV.
One of the guys ended our little meeting by asking the woman where she wanted to go to lunch. Her options: Bubba Gump’s or Hard Rock.
Don’t stop being you, Seattle.
Other observations from the streets:
• Lady outside Macy’s at Herald Square next to ESPN set: “Is that Dan Patrick?” Me: “No, that’s Colin Cowherd.” Lady: “Oh, thanks.”
• The NFL Network set on Broadway is insane and impersonal. Same goes for Fox. At least you can see the ESPN talent at the Herald Square set. Hanging out at these sets is worthless.
• Saw one guy wearing a Steve Weatherford jersey.
• Saw one guy wearing a Chiefs jacket.
• Ran into Jets running back Bilal Powell at the Maxim offices. Had zero idea who the dude was. Nondescript.
• Finally, the fan experience activities on Broadway are worthless unless you want to stand in massive lines – with 30 mph wind gusts hitting you in the face – for some stupid autograph.
Only Broncos fan with any passion we could find:

She went to either Bubba Gump’s or Hard Rock looking like that:


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