25 Greatest Plays In Super Bowl History



A player can go his entire NFL career without even sniffing the heels of a Super Bowl appearance and he will feel like a failure. The argument for greatness will always revolve around how many championships they have, regardless the sport. It is what it is.

This year the Super Bowl will be played in New Jersey at Metlife and one team will be able to hoist the Lombardi Trophy and begin to solidify their careers with the elusive title.

Let’s take a look back at the 25 greatest plays in Super Bowl history to prepare us for another great battle between the two best teams in the NFL.

25. Max McGee Plays Great, Hungover – Super Bowl I

24. Garo Yepremian Attempts a Pass – Super Bowl VII

23. Mario Manningham Uses His Toes – Super Bowl XLVI

22. Larry Csonka Pushes Aside Pat Fischer – Super Bowl VII

21. Jermaine Lewis and Ron Dixon Both Return for TDs – Super Bowl XXXV

20. Jack ┬áTatum Destroys Sammy White – Super Bowl XI

19. Mark Ingram Runs Over Everyone – Super Bowl XXV

18. Derrick Brooks Interception for a TD (Play #2 of clip) – Super Bowl XXXVII

17. Larry Brown Does a Double Take – Super Bowl XXX

16. Steve McNair’s Epic Run – Super Bowl XXXIV

15. Johnny Unitas Tipped Pass to John Mackey – Super Bowl V

14. Desmond Howard 99 Yard Kickoff Return – Super Bowl XXXI

13. James Harrison Goes 100 Yards for a TD – Super Bowl XLIII

12. Lynn Swann Makes An Amazing Catch – Super Bowl X

11. Jack Squirek’s Pick Six – Super Bowl XVIII

10. Tracy Porter Pick Six – Super Bowl XLIV

9. John Elway Flys for the Broncos – Super Bowl XXXII

8. Jacoby Jones 109-Yd Kickoff Return – Super Bowl XLVII

7. John Riggins 4th Down Conversion – Super Bowl XVII

6. Marcus Allen’s 74 Yard TD Run – Super Bowl XVIII

5. Santonio Holmes Scores – Super Bowl XLIII

4. Terry Bradshaw to John Stallworth – Super Bowl XIV

3. David Tyree Becomes a Legend – Super Bowl XLII

2. Joe Montana to John Taylor – Super Bowl XXIII

1. Saints Onside Kick – Super Bowl XLIV